Due Oct 1-8

Hey, I was due yesterday Oct 2nd and baby's still cooking! :)

I don't have an induction scheduled yet - hopefully that will be unnecessary. Hubby is bringing home some red raspberry leaf tea tonight to help these contractions get organized. And I'm also scheduled to have a NST this Thursday to make sure baby's doing well being overdue. Might get my membranes swept then... haven't decided yet!

Just wondering who else is due this week and if you've had your baby yet or what you're doing as your due date closes in!
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I'm 37w1d today. For the last two days I noticed my belly getting lower and lower but this morning when I woke up, I felt an odd sensation down there. I guess the only way to describe it is... my vaginal canal feels shorter? I really don't know how to explain it. I looked up engaged and everything online but it all refers to "new pressure" or "different pressure" so I'm not sure if thats what I'm feeling because as of last Friday, she was still high above my pelvic bone.

Anyone else experience "vaginal shortening"? lol It is a fairly consistent feeling too, btw.
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Getting ready...

1. What are you guys taking to the hospital/birth center? I haven't even began to think about it and reading some other planned out things will be helpful for me. x_x

2. What do you plan on bringing baby home in?

3. What did you do to prepare the clothes in the nursery and for coming home? I got all swept up in the moment of organizing after my last shower since I really didn't expect to get gifts from it (it was more of just a family get together) and I got a TON of clothes. So I started putting everything away by size and type and realized... "Oh crap... I need to wash this stuff..." What sort of detergent are you using? I've never had to do this before... HELP. lol
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Braxton Hicks

How is everyone doing with Braxton Hicks/contractions in general? Are yours painful? Do you even notice them?

I feel like I never really have them. Once in a while at night I'll get a tightening at the top of mu uterus and my stomach will look like a box. But thats the extent... My mom never had painful contractions with me. She just thought she was having gas. I do have a gassy stomach. Now I'm worried in a few weeks labor will come on and I won't know it. xD

But honestly... whats going on with you guys and these bad boys?
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Anyone else...

Does anyone else feel like they are different from the "norm" for this point in our pregnancies? Like too small or showing TOO much or carrying really really low or no linea negra yet? Or no stretch marks or too many stretch marks (for a first)? Just anything other people consider "not normal" and then you want to pelt them in the head because they have ALL these reason as to why its NOT normal. lol

This is my first. I'm 32w3d today and I keep reading all these pregnancy sites that talk about, "You may start bumping into things with your belly." Or "misjudging your circumference and knocking things over." And while some may consider this a good thing in the sense that I'm not huge... it makes me still feel bad about myself. Like, "Am I not big enough?" or "Is she too small?" I know if she was developing slowly, my midwife would let me know. And my fundal measurements have been right on track but I still feel odd. Others look at me weird when I tell them how far I am. Like something is wrong with my kiddo. I know there isn't... just HATE that. lol

So yea... anyone else? Collapse )

Thanks for listening to me gripe, everyone... lol

Birth classes

How many of you have NOT attended  a birth/prenatal class?

Im 33 weeks 2 days and time has just gotten away from me as well as my work schedule just not allowing me to get in to a class.

Im planning on going natural and I have a doula and she does the same work as I do (Nanny) so she understands the work problems and has said that while she recommends a class or two she feels I can do fine without one as well.

I am pretty damn good on my own when it comes to stressand pain management techniques (lying with a broken hip for several hours tends to do that for you) and Im pretty confident of what I want in the labor and delivery room but Im starting to second guess my need for a class as the time for baby is getting closer.

Anyone have any opinion on this? Advice? Xanax?

New New earth

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Hello ladies, how are we all doing now that we're in our third trimesters?

My little one (sex unknown) is a squirmy, move-y little thing. It was head down at my last ultrasound, which made me quite happy! Then, I've noticed that in the last couple of weeks that I've been feeling movement in very different places than normal, and I suspected that perhaps little one turned sideways. Sure enough, at my visit to the midwife today, the baby is sideways. It's got me a bit frustrated as I'm hoping for a natural birth. I know they can turn back, but I'm scared it won't stay down and may ultimately lead to a c-section.

Anyone else have a breech or transverse right now?

32 weeks
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getting uncomfortable...

So I'm 28 weeks and 4 days and things are getting uncomfortable. And I know I'm behind most of you ladies in terms of due date and how far along we are, so I was wondering if anyone had good suggestions to share on how to GET more comfortable. My biggest issue is that sitting for any length of time is not fun due to baby putting pressure on my lower ribs and lungs. I can't slump at all in chairs anymore, haha. I have to lean back and lift my chest up (imagine lifting your boobs away from your ribs, that's essentially it) to ease the discomfort.
And it's hard to put on my shoes too- leaning over is SO not fun these days. And don't even get me started on sleeping....I've tried sleeping with a body pillow (one of the long straight ones, putting it between my legs and under my tummy) but even so I wake up in the night feeling really stiff and with my back achy. And rolling over in bed is no longer as easy as it once was!
So anyone have any good comfort solutions to share? Or you can use this as a place to vent about your own discomfort, whatever floats your boat, lol.

Doula and GD update

 Busy week!!

On Tuesday I went for my 1 hour GD test, I had to fast from 9pm the previous night until 9am the next morning and man was I crabby, the drink was not that bad but I panicked that I was going to fail because I got a major sugar headache.

I ended up walking for about half an hour during the test and so far have not had a call from the doctor (they only call if I fail) so Im keeping my fingers crossed.

Im a plus sized lady so I just assume/d Im going to fail based on that...trying to stay positive as I really do not want to deal with the possibility of a C-section due to being positive for GD.

In other health news though, my ultra sounds look great and on track and my OB is still really pleased with my blood pressure even with it being elevated due to not taking my meds prior to the test, she was shocked that I had not taken them and it was still so low! On them Im normally in the low 130's over 90's sometimes high 120's and prior to using them I was in the 190s/100's.

Tuesday I was off meds and running in the 140's/90!

I also met with a few Doulas that day and found one who I really feel good about, we ended up having dinner together and while she is still in the process of being certified by DONA she is a certified lactation consultant and will have two births before my due date so she will have some experience.

We really meshes well and Im so relieved I finally found someone!

Dude, its scary to think I only have 11 more weeks  to go before I meet my little man!!

Anyway, I just needed to share/vent as I have nobody in real life to talk to...so thanks for reading my ramble lol!


Boob juice ahead!

Soooooooo, Im 28 weeks 2 days and this morning my colostrum decided to make an appearance during sexy times, anyone else having issues yet?

Should I be like..doing anything with it? I have a breast pump and storage bags but Im not sure if its even worth saving or what....God, being pregnant is so freaking awkward lol.