Hoodsey (hoodsey) wrote in october2011,


So, how is everyone doing?

I'm curious... I never EVER imagined I would co-sleep but have found us doing it every night. She sleeps where ever during the day but at night she either sleeps between the hubby and I or on his chest.
I never did any research on it since I hadn't planned on doing it. I love it yet I'm so anxious and nervous at the same time.

Anyone feel similar? What are your sleeping arrangements? How did you get over the fear? Another reason we are doing it is that she HATES being swaddled! So I don't want her being cold. We don't run a heater but the house doesn't get TOO cool. I bought her some sleeper pajamas but they are still too big.

Sorry, I'm just sort of rambling. I'm experiencing the first-time mom paranoia and I just don't know how to cope! lol
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