Amanda (orange_poptart) wrote in october2011,

One month update

1) Baby Name and Age:
Evelynne Hope, 1 month (tomorrow)

2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn:
8 lbs, 9 oz; 21 and 1/3rd inches; she's now fitting into some of her 0-3 month clothes and no longer fits anything with a NB size!

3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo? Fill us in:
All breastmilk! The only weird thing we're doing is we use a nipple shield because apparently I have large nipples and she just could never get a good latch

4) Sleep habits:
She sleeps whenever she wants! There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it!

5) What is your baby's day like (routine?):
We have very little routine to our day; I feed her on demand and let her sleep and be awake whenever she wants. This week I've started a bedtime routine of bathtime at 7:30pm and a story then eating at 8pm, and that's been a really good bonding routine that daddy can help with.

6) What is driving you crazy, if anything:
Cluster nursings at night. Come on kiddo, at least give me two hours of sleep before you want to nurse again! Only having an hour between nursings really takes it's toll on me, especially at night.

7) Baby milestones:
Nothing yet :( no smiles or laughs, or anything that she hasn't been doing since birth. this month, I'm sure we'll start seeing a real personality in her!

8) Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?:
I'm a little concerned because this week I've starting having some stinging where my main tear was from the birth, and it hasn't hurt at all since one week from the birth so I'm hoping it didn't tear or get infected or something. I'm going to the dr next week so we'll see. And as far as weight... Meh. I've lost about 15 lbs, but I'm not that worried about it because I only went up a total of 25 lbs.

9) Anything else?:
I'm going back to work in two weeks and I'm really sad about it :( maybe by the time we have another I can be a stay at home mom, or at least start working part time instead.

10) Pictures? (under cut):


My baby girl was a pumpkin for halloween! And yes, that's me holding her wearing a D&D tee shirt.



Her aunt Laura works at an accessory store and has bought her more bows than I know what to do with....


This is probably my favorite thing that we have for her; a shark hooded towel. I giggle every time I wrap her up in it!


Continuing my family's tradition, she sleeps in the same bassinet that my grandfather slept in. He slept in it, all three of his kids slept in it, all 10 of his grandchildren slept in it, and now Evelynne is the first great-grandchild to sleep in it. It's very bittersweet because he just passed away in august, so it really means alot to us that we are able to have a piece of him and his traditions, even though he's not alive to see his first great-grandbaby.
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