Hoodsey (hoodsey) wrote in october2011,

Due soon?

Anyone else due soon and not showing ANY signs yet?

I'm due on Tuesday (the 18th) and have NO signs of anything going on. Baby seems to have dropped once in a while (I feel pressure when I get up from laying down) but it isn't consistent and doesn't stay. No mucous plug, Braxton Hicks are still nearly indiscernible. No bleeding... my nesting hasn't become any stronger than when it started 4 weeks ago...

Also, what is your opinion on how labor is genetically? Do you think people tend to have labors like their moms did? I'm really hoping mine turns out like my mom. xD So far I've carried and had almost an identical pregnancy to my mom with me. And her labor was easy as PIE. Like.. sleeping through the whole thing... No drugs and being woken up to push and work with contractions. xD Here's hoping its genetic! lol

Someone give me a glimmer of hope that this pregnancy is not going to continue on another 2 weeks! lol

Congrats, btw, to the mommies who have delivered recently. :) Hope to be joining you SOON!
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